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Wellcome to Tersainox®
We want to welcome your visit. In our site you will find some of the solutions we have developed along with our clients.

Tersainox S.A., since its foundation, has stand out in the search of solutions using stainless steel in different applications such as Food, Wine, Cellulose and Paper, Chemistry, Mining, Urban Architecture Industries among others.

We stimulate stainless steel use because we are convinced that this material takes part in the solution of many of the modern problems regarding corrosion, durability, maintenance, usefulness and static for this new century.

We have a specialized assistance group who will guide you the best way possible to find solutions to your needs.

Through the years we have incorporated new companies that aimed to find specific solutions, which we invite you to visit.

Tersainox S.A.  A reliable company at your service.

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Certification ISO

Principales productos:
Estanques de acero inoxidable
Equipos para el transporte
Estanques fermentadores
Estanques para procesos
Proyectos industriales

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